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  • Smartstuff

    Spring High Point Market Preview

    As the nation finally thaws from a long, cold winter, the juvenile furniture and home accessories industry celebrates spring with a bumper crop of new introductions at the High Point Furniture Market, April 18-23. Before you hit the showrooms, check out some of the new things you’ll see for kids’ spaces.

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  • Image of Jennifer Bringle

    Notes From The Editor

    Jennifer Bringle

    April 9, 2015

    Business social

    We all know Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, et al, as fun ways to stay in touch, share moments in our lives and pass the time (or waste it, depending on who you’re talking to). But the truth is, social media channels also can be an important tool for your business, and if you’re not utilizing social media, you’re overlooking a direct channel of communication with the consumers who buy your products or the customers who shop your stores. Moms, in particular, use social media in droves; when they’re not sharing photos of their little ones, they’re ...

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  • Kiersten Hathcock

    Mod Mom

    Kiersten Hathcock

    April 6, 2015

    Failure ROCKS!

    April 1, 2011. The whole Shark Tank-loving world saw a woman in heels and a tool belt get an investment deal on national TV. After that, an invisible "happy ever after" sign went with me everywhere I went despite the deal not actually going through. Even I thought Mod Mom was supposed to magically explode into what I'd dreamed it would be. Things exploded alright, but not in the ways I thought. Growing a business is wrought with plans, projections, and what seem to be sure things, but so much of what I've experienced building Mod Mom has ...

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High Point Highlights

NE Kids River Mill

 Youth furniture and home accessory manufacturers introduced a number of new collections at the Fall 2014 Market. Check out some of the highlights. See more.

New Products

  • USA Premium Leather


    The company's newest contemporary home theater group features a raspberry leather cover. USA PREMIUM LEATHER
    C-1440, C-1432

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