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Made in America creates local passion

Premarket is still fresh in my mind as we gear up for Market, which is less than a week away. I had the opportunity to attend and visit several showrooms, a great experience as the new kid on the block. Even though some of the kinks were being wor... More

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Hey there, I’m Jason Clayton, the Kids Today Designer. I’m a Millennial, not by choice, I mean it’s not like I can choose to become a Baby Boomer, but I can learn from them, a lot, a whole lot, and from the other previous generations. Millennial seems to fit though. The more research I do on Millennials, the more I find out about myself. Yes there are stereotypes, like sleeping on parents’ sofas. I loved sleeping there, but then my brother and I took it to college, and it ended up on the side of the road, much like the idea of making my parents’ sofa a home. However, since I started working at Kids Today, I’ve heard a lot of talk of Millennials, “how can we sell to them better,” “how are they going to more effectively run businesses,” and so on.

So I’m a Millennial, what’s the big deal?

This blog is part of my response to the furniture and children’s lifestyle merchandising industry. I’m new to the industry and I want to be able to share different findings, ah ha moments, and my own thoughts. So, I wanted you to know a little back story of me, and being a Millennial is part of it. I’m also married and have no children, yet. So I’m sure I’ll find that perfect nursery design, crib, or changing table. Millennials have the tendency to research products, I love making sure I get the best bang for my buck. Millennials have also become very familiar with Google and social media and the internet. I hope I can give a Millennial’s perspective on this industry, helping you make and sell products that are meeting the needs of the consumer, which I’m sure you are already doing.

Bill McLoughlin

When doing good can be profitable

There's a word that should be sending shutters through the youth industry right now, and it's not Internet. It's Zika. On February 1 of this year the World Health Organization (WHO) declared a Public Health Emergency of International Concern. Se... More

About This Blog

I'm Bill McLoughlin Editor in Chief of Furniture/Today and Chief Content Officer of KidsToday. For over 25 years I’ve covered retail across more channels of distribution then I can count. My goal on these pages is to share ideas, insights, even random musings to help enhance children's lifestyle merchandising, whether that is in the form of trend, product or lifestyle information; or simply a fresh take on our society.

Some of you will agree with me, others not. Either way I hope to spark a lively dialogue that can help move the industry forward in positive directions.

Kiersten Hathcock

The Law of Giving and Receiving

When I started Mod Mom eight years ago, I wasn’t thinking about creating a business model that incorporates giving back on a daily operational basis. In hindsight, I should have been. I’d always admired Tom’s Shoes brilliant way... More

About This Blog

Kiersten Hathcock is founder and CEO of Mod Mom Furniture. Kiersten has a background in marketing, having previously served in the marketing department at A&E and The History Channel. After leaving that role in 2003 to spend more time with her children, she taught herself to build furniture after being unable to find modern-style toy boxes, and Mod Mom Furniture was born. In 2011, she was featured on the ABC show "Shark Tank," which offers entrepreneurs a chance to receive funding deals for their burgeoning businesses. Kiersten also is the founder of The Little Light Project, a nonprofit that offers support to highly sensitive/intuitive children, child sex abuse survivors and grieving parents.

She can be found at and

Image of Jennifer Bringle

Young at Heart

When I first started working for Kids Today, one thing struck me almost immediately as I got to know this industry: Age doesn’t matter. As I met the people who make decisions, create products and lead companies, I began to notice how many y... More

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Notes from the Editor is an occasional commentary on news, people, products and trends in the infant and youth furniture and accessories industry.