Image of Jennifer Bringle

Sawdust in My Veins

March 28, 2014

I have sawdust in my veins.

I grew up in a family of small-time furniture makers in North Carolina. In the early-1980s, my maternal grandfather started a humble furniture-making business with my uncle, with their shop just a block away from my childhood home. As a kid, I spent hours hanging out in the office of their shop, building things with leftover wood scraps (sanded down, of course) and developing an affinity for the smell of sawdust.

We kept time by the familiar gong of the grandfather clock crafted by my uncle, I lovingly tucked my baby dolls into a crib made by my grandfather, and when I went away to college, it was with a one-of-a-kind desk made by members of my own family.

This personal fondness for the furniture business makes the High Point Market all the more exciting for me. It’s hard not to get caught up in the frantic, festive atmosphere of Market, especially if you’ve grown up understanding the often painstaking process of transforming mere wood and fabric into items that will become a lasting part of people’s lives.

I'm excited to see all the great new youth collections making their debut this Market, and thrilled to see some new faces showing at Market for the first time. It's encouraging to see such enthusiasm for this category and it makes me feel very optimistic about the future of the youth furniture industry.


I wish you all a fun, successful Market, and I hope to see many of you in High Point!